E. Bruce Berman, Jr.
Curriculum Vitae

Advocate, author and educator Bruce Berman has served as spokesman and Director of Strategy, Communications and Programs for the public interest environmental advocacy organization Save the Harbor/Save the Bay in Boston since 1990.  He is the architect of the organization’s youth environmental education, recreation and stewardship programs.

Berman is the CEO of Catalyst New Media Group, an award winning Boston based communications consulting, advertising and public relations firm with clients in health care, new technology, the boating industry, eco-tourism and the environment.

Berman is the editor and lead contributor to the popular blog “Sea, Sand & Sky”. His “Boston Harbor Views” profiles of Boston Harbor personalities appear occasionally in “Soundings” magazine, he is a contributor to “Coastal Angler” magazine and the author of several “op-eds” in the Boston Globe. He is frequent guest on local television and radio programs including “Where’s Boston” on WBUR radio, the “Boston Sunday Review” on WBZ radio and the “Neighborhood Network News”. Berman has appeared as a recent guest on The Weather Channel’s Morning Show and the Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC.

Berman taught management, communications, marine science, public policy, and the history of the Boston Harbor Cleanup at Boston University from 1999-2014 and is currently a Scholar in Residence in public policy at Brown University.

 He serves as lead consultant to the Metropolitan Beaches Commission and Save the Harbor/Save the Bay’s Beaches Science Advisory Committee, and represents Save the Harbor on the City of Boston’s Municipal Harbor Plan Advisory Committee, charged with planning the restoration and renewal of Boston’s waterfront. He also represents Save the Harbor on the Mass Bay Outfall Monitoring Science Advisory Panel's Public Interest Advisory Committee.

Berman was founder and senior partner of Ways & Means, a Boston based political communications and campaign consulting firm whose clients included United States Senator John Kerry, Bay State Congressman Joe Kennedy, Ed Markey, Gerry Studds, and Barney Frank, and Governor Mike Dukakis, as well as initiative and referenda campaigns from Hawaii to Maine.

Berman is also the founder and senior partner of the web's oldest advertising agency, “The Internet Advertising Agency” with clients from South Beach to Katmandu, Nepal. He also served as Contributing Editor and author of a weekly syndicated column for the Boston Phoenix.

Berman has received numerous awards and honors including the Golden Donkey award for best political television campaign and the Touchstone Award for excellence in healthcare marketing from the American Society for Health Care Marketing and Public Relations. In 2008 the Environmental League of Massachusetts honored Berman as "Collaborative Advocate of the Year". In 2011 he was selected "Outstanding Educator of the Year" by JetBlue Airways and the Boston Red Sox, and threw the first pitch at a Red Sox-Yankees home game at Fenway Park.

Berman was born in 1955. He attended Columbia University and received a BS from Hampshire College in 1980 and an MS in Communications from Boston University in 2012. He loves fishing and clean water, and is widely recognized as a leading expert on the cleanup of Boston Harbor. He spends more than 150 days a year on the water with his wife on their 40’ Marine Trader, “The Veranda.”

Berman’s published works include:

  • January 2004 Co-authored and edited “Why the Beaches Close”, a report of Save the Harbor /Save the Bay’s Beaches Science Advisory Committee.
  • June 2004, Co-authored and edited “The Leading Edge”, a report on the economic impact of the Boston Harbor Clean-up and the Central Artery and Tunnel Project on the region’s economy for Save the Harbor / Save the Bay and The Boston Foundation.
  • June 2005, Co-authored and edited “A Renaissance is Underway”, the “Boston Harbor Indicators report for Save the Harbor / Save the Bay and The Boston Foundation
  • January –March 2006, Authored and edited “Postcards from Outer Brewster Island”, a widely circulated series of brief essays in opposition to a proposed LNG terminal in the Boston Harbor Islands National Park
  • March 2006, Authored “A Better Way”, an op-ed on the environmental impacts of energy policy for the Boston Globe.
  • March 2007, Co-authored and edited “Beaches We Can Be Proud Of”, the report of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’s Metropolitan Beaches Commission.
  • June 2008, Co-authored and edited “Boston By Boat”, an analysis of passenger water transportation in the Boston Harbor.region
  • 2009, Authored “Harbor Views”, a series of profiles for Soundings Magazine.
  • 2011, Authored “Urban Angler”, a column on sustainable sport fishing for Coastal Angler Magazine.
  • June 2011, Authored “Clean at Last”, an op-ed on the success of the South Boston CSO and Storm Water Tunnel, which made the beaches of South Boston among the cleanest urban beaches in America.
  • May 2012, Authored the “Metropolitan Beaches Report Card” on water quality and beach flagging accuracy in the Boston Harbor region for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay’s Beaches Science Advisory Committee.
  • May 2013, Authored the “Metropolitan Beaches Report Card” on water quality and beach flagging accuracy in the Boston Harbor region for Save the Harbor/Save the Bay’s Beaches Science Advisory Committee.
  • May 2014, Co-authored “Waves of Change”, the report of the Metropolitan Beaches Commission on the state of the Boston Harbor region’s public beaches from Nahant to Nantasket.
  • May 2015, Authored an Urban Beach Study, which compared the beaches of South Boston with iconic American beaches in New York, Virginia, Miami, Santa Monica and Waikiki.